Sunday, April 1, 2012


LOVE LETTER FROM ALLAH...HE is so sweet!HE knows what is the best for us.. ♥ the hurts are nothing for us..bcoz HE owez wif us.. ^__^ 

Nobody can remove ur hurt except Allah,,even if someone tries to coz u any hurt,
stay firm in ur belief n remember dat no one can coz u any pain if ALLAH does not desire it for u.. 

N if ALLAH touches u wif hurt,there is none who can remove it but HE,
n if HE intends any guds for u,,there is none who can keep back HIS favour,
HE brings it to whom HE pleases of HIS servants,
n HE is the Oft- Forgiving n Most Merciful..
Surah yunus, 10:107

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